BID Buddies

The BID Buddies are here to provide handyman services to businesses in the area, potentially saving you hundreds in labour costs.  They can paint shop fronts, tidy outside areas, perform routine maintenance and much, much more…

Specific Tasks

Routine Maintenance

Work Request


Is it a free service?

The BID Buddies are paid for by the BID, so all labour is free to the businesses in the area.  There probably will be a cost for any materials, unless it’s something we have already or can use elsewhere.

Any additional hire of tools / equipment required to undertake specific tasks (graffiti removal for instance) will be additional cost.

How are they equipped?

They have a standard size transit van, equipped with a range of hand and power tools, including strimming machines, with which to undertake the majority of anticipated tasks.

When can they work?

The BID Buddies working hours are between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

What type of jobs?

Any ‘handyman’ type services – routine maintenance, sanding & painting shop fronts, clearing outside areas etc.  If you need something doing, get in touch!

What can't they do?

The Caretakers will not undertake any task deemed to be of high risk following on site risk assessment. This may include, but is not exclusive to, working near asbestos, roof work, environmental cleaning (sharps / human excrement) etc).

The caretakers will not undertake works in severe weather conditions when their health and safety is likely to be compromised.
The caretakers will not undertake any specialist works for which they are not trained /qualified /competent to undertake.