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Colwyn BID has teamed up with Arriva Bus to offer the BID businesses the opportunity to secure discounted travel for their staff and families as part of a drive to encourage people to leave their cars at home. Discounts will range from 10-20 per cent depending on the number of journeys booked in advance and would be uploaded onto a smart card, similar to the Oyster card scheme in London.

Bus Survey FAQ

What is the Colwyn BID Arriva discount scheme?

Colwyn BID have partnered with Arriva to bring the businesses within the Bay of Colwyn and their employees an opportunity to purchase Arriva bus tickets at a discounted price, reducing their travel expenses.

Who’s eligible for the discount?

This discount is available to Colwyn BID levy payers, their employees and family members. A 15-20% discount is available on selected bus tickets.

What tickets are included in the loyalty scheme?

Flexible Day ticket
Weekly ticket
4 Weekly ticket
20 Day flexi ticket

How do you purchase the discounted tickets?

Tickets will be available to purchase online using the private web link and promotional code provided by Colwyn BID.

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