Consultation Result

Following the EGM, a consultation paper was sent out to all BID levy payers to determine if a majority were in favour of terminating Colwyn BID early on 31st March 2020.

The closing date for returned papers was Friday 22nd November and the results were as follows :

  • BID levy payers in favour of closure 31/03/2020 – TOTAL 182
  • BID levy payers in favour of running to the full term 31/03/2021 – TOTAL 5

Therefore the Board can confirm that Colwyn BID will cease trading on 31/03/2020.

The Board will continue with all projects and will endeavour to leave a legacy in the Bay of Colwyn.

There will be a consultation with CCBC as to the best winding down procedure and further announcements will be communicated with BID Levy payers via updates on the website.

The Board wishes to thank all levy payers who participated in the consultation process.

Colwyn BID will cease trading on 31/03/2020