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Daryl James at Pie Records

June 7, 2018

After the successful release of his last two singles, ‘The Wolf is at the Door’ and ‘Moth to the Flame’, roots/future artist Daryl James is going back on the road touring his brand new album ‘Insofar’.

Daryl James’ passionate live performances evoke everything from introverted retrospection to wild untamed dance-floors. With an earthy blend of pure acoustic and gritty overdriven guitars, he plays with innovative tunings, intricate finger-picking and body percussion, to all out driving blues/rock riffs and soaring solos. Topped off with haunting, smooth yet husky vocals, with his homemade full foot drum set and live looping, he guarantees a live show that will have your feet and jaw on the floor!

Check out Daryl James’ single ‘The Wolf is at the Door’