Final day : consultation paper responses

Levy payers in the Colwyn BID area, have been invited to take part in the consultation process to decide whether Colwyn BID runs its full 5 year term or terminates early on 31.3.20. This follows the vote at the EGM on October 30th 2019, which recommended, subject to consultation, terminating the BID on 31.3.20 – thus negating the necessity for any BID levy to be paid for the 5th year of the original term. [click here for full details]

To provide all BID Levy payers the opportunity to give their opinion on this important matter, we have conducted a postal consultation and would be grateful if you would show your preference by selecting one of the two options and returning the consultation paper to the collection point at the reception desk, CCBC Coed Pella Offices, Conway Road, Colwyn Bay, LL29 7AZ.

You must put your company name on the reply slip so the business can be verified as a BID levy payer.

The Board will act in line with the wishes of the majority of those who reply by or before the deadline – 5pm on Friday 22nd November 2019. In the event of a tie, the matter will be referred back to the Board for a decision.

If you have not received a consultation paper please email

The deadline is 5pm on Friday 22nd November 2019


The decision whether to terminate on March 31 , 2020 will be taken as a majority of the responses received by the date set.

The Board will continue to support projects to benefit the BID businesses, up until 31 st March 2020. However, it is proposed that any money left after commitments to that date, will be placed in a ‘trust fund’ held by either CCBC or the Bay of Colwyn Town Council. This would then be accessible for projects in the BID area to benefit the businesses in line with the original business plan of Colwyn BID.

All projects already committed to, prior to 31st March 2020, will be supported and we will continue to support projects that promote the Business Plan.

No. In consultation with CCBC, the Board have decided it would be too complicated to calculate the refund amount for each BID levy payer. Refunding would be made more difficult because some businesses that have paid in, may have ceased trading in the Bay of Colwyn. Also, we would have to pay CCBC to administer the refund of any payments. We do not think this is a cost effective way of distributing or dealing with any remaining monies in the account.

No, but CCBC have said they will consider proposals from business groups representing any of the individual four areas should they wish to progress a BID solely for that area in the future.