Talk Benches

A hugely popular suggestion from a young citizen Za Cky on the Residents of Old Colwyn past and present facebook group to provide a “Talk Bench” was picked up on by Mark Clemson, Founder and Director of the Colwyn Business Support Zone (CBSZ) and has gained support from local businesses.

The idea behind a “Talk Bench” is that it encourages people who sit on the bench to chat, encouraging those in our community who feel isolated and without friendship to have a place they know people will communicate with them.
The benches will be fitted with sponsored plaques which will identify the bench as a Talk Bench.

Two of the benches are to be placed within the BayView Shopping Centre, this followed positive discussions with Graham Bowser, who supported the idea, from the start.

The Chair of the Colwyn BID Board communicated to CBSZ that the BID currently has benches in storage and they could be made available for the project. A formal request for support has been received and approved by the Board which includes, subject to the appropriate permission being granted from the relevant authorities, the cost for fitting them.

2 Benches have been installed in the Bay View Shopping Centre 

talk benches colwyn bay happy to chat
happy to chat bench plaque colwyn bay
za cky old colwyn talk bench